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Student Interaction Design Research Conference
13.09. — 14.09.2019

Important Facts

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we are facing a golden opportunity to host the Students Interaction Design Research Conference – SIDeR in short – for the first time in a German speaking country at Muthesius Academy for Art and Design in Kiel.
The theme of this year’s conference is SUB/SIDE/SUPER | HUMAN.

As the name implies, this conference is exclusively dedicated to young aspiring creative scientists. And as our theme implies, this year we are dealing with human-technology-interaction issues like subtle support, equipollent collaboration up to technical empowering for being superhuman.
The idea of the conference organised by students for students was developed 15 years ago in Scandinavia. The goal is to create a platform for young academic talents to exchange their research findings. In the last 14 years the conference was hosted at various universities in Scandinavia with the exception of two events in The Netherlands. Last year’s host was the renowned Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. This year we are proud to be your host from 13th to 14th of September during the Digital Week Kiel (#diwokiel) at Muthesius Academy for Arts and Design. We expect 120 to 150 international visitors.


Sub Side Super Keynote Speakers:

Nadine Kolodziey


Based in Frankfurt and Berlin, Nadine is a visual artist and illustrator who combines materials such as plastic and pixels to create work that’s hand-cut, melted, or sometimes transformed into walkable environments. Her work is dedicated to the field of visual research, and her residency project, The undrawn drawing, is an expedition of illustrative research. It involves touring through Germany and inviting the community to explore the digital and analog possibilities of illustration and to push the boundaries of what we know as drawing.

Lukas Franciszkiewicz


Professionally trained as an interaction designer at Muthesius Academy for Art and Design in Kiel (BA) and Royal Collage of Art (RCA, MA) in London, Lukas has an special design research interest in „Interaction Aesthetics“.
Beeing still young, Lukas did teach at RCA, work for Takram in London and Tokyo and is now working in Zurich, Switzerland.

You can find the detailed Program here

Sub Side Super Program

The program contains exciting projects dealing with the relationship between body and technology: How, for example, can synesthesia - a peculiar talent - be evoked by technology and expand our senses? The relationship between interaction design and spirituality will be tackled, too: How can we give the confrontation with death a shapeable, tangible form of interaction? Other projects deal with the relationship between design and ecology, for example by presenting ideas for waste management systems. In joint workshops, topics can be extended and deepened. Keynote inputs will introduce the themes of the individual slots.


12th September


17:00 First Registration
19:00 Vernissage & Party
Music and Drinks for a warm Welcome

13th September

09:00 Welcome

with SIDeR19 Team & Wolfgang Schmidt – Head of International Affairs – City of Kiel

09:30 Opening Keynote

Interaction Aesthetics
- Lukas Francziskiewicz

10:00 Paper and Workshop Madness

with paper authors and workshop leaders

11:00 Paper Session

Creative AI / Practicing Ethics

13:30 Exhibition and Demos


15:00 Workshops

please have a look at our detailed program!

18:30 Dinner and Party on sand

at Sandhafen - Blücherbrücke, 24105 Kiel

14th September

09:00 Welcome & Paper Madness

with City of Kiel Mayor Dr. Ulf Kämpfer and paper authors

10:30 Paper Session

Probing Change / Redefining Perception

13:30 Paper Session

Educating Ourselves / Empowering Human Bodies

15:30 Closing with Keynote

- Nadine Kolodziey

18:00 Boat Trippin on MS Heiko

starts at Hauptbahnhof Kiel

Paper Sessions

Probing Change

Can we probe a different way to view familiar problems? The projects in this slot turn a well-known situation into a new one by altering the context or the experience.

Creative AI

How does AI shape the future of design and how can designers shape the design process using AI? As the discourse around AI is using creativity as a proof for its actual existence, we want to explore what AI can do in the field of design.

Redefining Perception

Perception is not limited to the senses we possess, technology enables us to enhance our natural perception towards multiple experiences.

Practicing Ethics

The ethics of design are particularly important when designing interfaces since they form the connection between people and technology. It seems to be important that technology is not perceived as an actor on its own, but as a collaborator.

Educating Ourselves

How can we design small devices and interactions that enable us to change small daily behavior and that enhance self-awareness?

Empowering Human Bodies

Our body sometimes needs additional empowerment to function. The papers presented in this slot are not expounding this as a problem, but as a opportunity.

Ticket! What do you get?

Make sure to make one of 150 SIDeR’19 ticket yours!

This is what you get:
Paper Madness | 20+ Paper Talks | 8+ Workshops | 2 Keynotes | Healthy Food and Drinks| Pre-Opening Welcome Party | Coffee from Local Roasters | Social Night Party at the Sea | Boat Tour at the Kiel Fjord | Interactive Exhibition | International Community Networking


Stay at our students, choose a hotel (budget or posh), camping site or one of +300 Airbnb opportunities from room over flat to house or boat. We are central – everything will be nearby. If you want to stay for free with our students, please let us know with your ticket order.

And if you need any assistance finding suitable accommodation, please do not hesitate to drop us a line under sider19human[at]


Welcome to the smallest and most northern art academy in Germany. Muthesius Academy for Arts and Design in Kiel. A vivid place with a history of 112 years and our place where we passionately design desirable futures. 680 students in fine arts, spacial strategies, communication design and industrial design make this place a special one. A place we want to share with you! As your SIDeR’19 hosts we are the interface design program BA/MA of the industrial design department supported by our friends from other departments. We will not only welcome you at our campus but also bring you to a scenic party spot at the sea and if you want to a boat trip on our fjord!


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Submissions are closed!

We invite original unpublished research and design work. We welcome case studies, theoretical musings and couplings of theory and practical work. We invite three different types of submissions:

  • Papers should be maximum 4 pages (~2000 words including references) and follow the standard Nordes format. Papers will be reviewed by members of the Program Committee, as well as by peers. Accepted papers will be presented during the conference.
  • Posters should be submitted as a PDF file and must include an accompanying description — maximum 2 pages and in the Nordes standard format. Printed posters in A1 format must be presented at the conference during dedicated poster sessions.
  • Demos can be submitted by sending a video and a technical description — maximum 2 pages and in the Nordes standard format. Demos will be presented in dedicated demo sessions and/or during the party.

Please find the Nordes paper template here: Download Template


Suggested topics for papers include but are not limited to:

  • Participatory Design
  • Design Process
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Tangible User Interfaces
  • Aesthetics of Interaction
  • Experimental Design
  • Design Methods
  • Interaction Techniques
  • Information Visualisation
  • Design Cases
  • Mobile Computing
  • Data Physicalization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Game Design

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line by email to sider19[at]